Promoting Positive Behavior

This year we have adapted several new positive behavior promotions and revised/revamped some of the older ones. Please see the information below about each one!


Bucket Fillers

This year we adapted Bucket Fillers as an incentive to encourage students to stop bullying and be nicer to one another. We have discussed what types of behaviors fill buckets and what types of behaviors empty or dip into buckets. We have a display in our classroom and when they fill someones bucket (or do something nice for them) I add a paw print to their bucket. If they are mean, or do something to hurt someone, I take a paw print out of their bucket. Once they have 20 paw prints in their bucket, they will receive a bag of popcorn during school hours or a bowl of goldfish.



Our new counselor in addition or Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Ashely Hall, introduced us to Pawsitives. These are little pieces of yellow paper that have paws on them. They are handed out by any staff member here at Cane Ridge. Pawsitives are used as an individualized version of giving out class stars. Once a student has a certain amount of Pawsitives they will be able to cash them in for a reward with me.


Proud Cougar

Proud Cougars are students who are nominated by a teacher for doing something nice or special for another student or teacher. These students will be recognized during assembly for the "proud cougar" worthy act that they committed.


Star Certificate

Teachers and other staff members can give our stars to classes when they see the entire class walking quietly in the hallway or promoting positive behavior. Once a class has earned 20 stars they are presented with a 20 star certificate and a reward from the teacher. In the past, my class has cashed in their certificates for show and tell, extra recess, lunch in the room, hat day etc.


Star Citizen

Star citizens are students who are respectful, on time, prepared and responsible. These students are nominated by their teacher weekly and are announced during assembly. They will also take a group picture that will be displayed in the hallway.

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