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8th Grade Language Arts

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Language Arts Course Outline

Welcome to Language Arts! Throughout the course, we will be focusing on the reading and writing standards for Bourbon County Public Schools and the Kentucky Core Content. You will have a chance to show what you know and what you learn through the completion of a variety of projects.


Course Overview:

This course is made up of several different components.  The study of literary elements, along with writing, vocabulary, grammar and spelling will be woven into each unit. We will look at the various elements of fiction and non-fiction literature. We will also focus on reading, writing, editing skills, vocabulary and grammar enhancement.


You will be assessed in Language Arts through several different ways. Some of these activities will include:


  • Daily Warm-Up Activities
  • Writing Activities: daily journals, extended- response, on- demand, and other writing tasks which will be argumentative, narrative, and informational in nature.
  • Grammar and Editing Activities: various grammar units and weekly grammar skill activities.
  • Spelling and Vocabulary Activities: weekly spelling and vocabulary tests.
  • Literature: selections will be read in our literature book and we will read novels.
  • Radical Reading Program: students will be responsible for completing one novel project and literature circle per trimester.



Student grades will be based on the number of points earned for each assignment. The number of possible points will vary by assignment and may be different each trimester. Each unit is broken down into the following categories and each category will be weighed in the final grade.


70%  Content Mastery- Test, quizzes, projects, learning target checks and Radical Reading Program

20%  Classwork- daily practice and warm-up sheets.

10%  ISN/Journal




Ms. Bagley’s Expectations

Classroom rules:

  1. Be Respectful. This means use appropriate talk, voice tone, and body language at appropriate times.
  2. Complete quality assignments.
  3. Arrive on time to class.
  4. Bring materials.
  5. Keeps hands, feet, and objects to yourself and leave others alone.





Name on board- Warning

1 Check- Silent Lunch

2 Checks- Team Detention/ Phone Call home

3 Checks- Friday Detention/ office referral  


Classroom Procedures

Arriving to class

  1. You need to be in your seat and at a voice level zero once you enter the room.
  2. Put all other materials (books, notebooks, purses, etc) under your desk.

            3.   Complete the warm-up. 

            4.   If you finish before classmates, use the time to read.

5.   Make sure your pencil is sharpened before class begins. If it breaks during class and I am  

      teaching you need to raise your hand and ask to get up. If you are doing seat work then you

      may get up quietly and sharpen your pencil.


Tardy to class

There should really be no reason why you are ever tardy to class. In the rare occasion that you are tardy I will keep track of it. If it becomes a problem I will assign silent lunch, if it remains a problem I will contact home or an office referral will be given.


Classroom Materials

Make sure materials are brought to class every day. If materials are not brought to class:

  1. No pen or pencil…you can borrow one from a classmate or me. (It must be returned!!)
  2.  No paper …you can borrow some from a classmate or me.


** Being prepared for class means having materials, if this becomes a consistent problem consequences will be given.**



If you are absent

  1. You have the responsibility for making up any missed work.  You have the number of days + 1 that you were absent to complete any work missed due to an excused absence. 

            2. If you miss a test, you must schedule a time with me after school to take the test.

            3. Check the folder for missed class work.

            4. If you have any questions, talk to me at a time when I am not teaching and you are not

                 working. (Before or after class)

            5. You may come to my room in the morning or after school and make-up work that you have                                            

                missed due to an absence. Please let me know the day before you plan to stay.



Work Policy

  • Class work and Homework: Needs to be turned in when it is due. Any late work will be accepted but only for 85% credit.


  • Tests: Any test that you feel you did poorly on can be retaken for full credit within two weeks of getting it back or the grade being posted into Infinite Campus.  





I have read and understand the above rules, procedures and expectations for Language Arts.






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