Sports and Academic Team Policy


Cane Ridge Elementary Athletic and After-School Activity Policy

A student who is absent from school will not be permitted to practice or play in a game (academic or sports) on the day of his/her absence.

In order for an athlete to participate in athletic practices and games, a student must receive 4 hours of instructional time.  Exceptions for religious services, legal matters, or medical appointments will be made. Parent notes for student absences will not cover practices or games.   A student who is sick is required to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school, therefore, if your child is sick enough to miss school then they should not be participating in any afterschool activities including basketball, academic team, football and archery.   Student-athletes who develop unacceptable patterns of school attendance may be subject to suspension from a team until acceptable levels are achieved.


Student athletes are expected to keep up with their daily assignments. Students following behind will be given a warning which will be communicated with the student and the parent. If student does not turn work in as outlined by the teacher they will be ineligible to practice or participate until their work is caught up. This policy will allow your child to spend the time they would be spending at practice or a game to complete their work they have missed in class.

These policies will be communicated to students, parents, teachers and coaches. It is a parent’s responsibility to follow these polices and the schools responsibility to monitor the above areas of concern. Please remember that athletics and academic teams are a privilege and not a requirement. These activities should never interfere or take away from a student’s ability to be successful in school.


Cane Ridge Elementary School