Congratulations to our PTSA officers for the 2014-15 school year!

President:  Leigh Clay Estes

Vice President:  Trina Huston

Secretary:  Kari Johnson

Treasurer:  Ashley Elks

PTSA Meeting Minutes


8-18-14 in BCMS Auditorium
Meeting called to order by Leigh-Clay Estes, Pres. at 6:30 pm.

PTSA fees:  Talked about ideas to get teachers, students, parents to sign up.  Jennifer Sykes will attempt to collect fees from teachers/staff during school hours and also put info in the school’s newsletter about the PTSA. 

Leigh-Clay will have a table set up tomorrow at girls first middle school basketball game to give those who want to sign up an opportunity.  We will have a drawing for those that sign up-ITunes gift card a couple times during the night.  Jennifer Sykes will do an all-call before tomorrow’s game to inform parents of this.

T-shirt sales:   Members brainstorm before next meeting to come up with logo idea for shirts; continue to talk with vendors and get prices.

Facebook Page:  Kari will make a facebook page for the PTSA.

Scarecrow decorating contest:  For advisory teachers, so will need 24 tobacco stick models to give to the teachers. Kids and teachers decorate.  Jar set up with each scarecrow for kids/staff to put money in to vote for their favorite winner.  Mr. Earlywine will have to approve of this fundraiser before we can proceed. 

Pizza party for the winner in each grade (those who collected the most money in their jar).

Silent Auction for the scarecrows possibly at homecoming (Sept 26th).  Debra Hamelback will talk to Coach Poe and/or Coach Sosby to ask if this is ok or if we should do it at a middle school football game.

Other items

Leigh-Clay will check with Lynn Imaging about possible magnets to sell.

Next meeting set for Sept. 15th at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Minutes prepared by Kari Johnson, secretary

Bourbon County Middle School